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In all our commercial world experience one fact rings true across every single business in the world. Whether they’re a start-up, SME, or large corporation blue chip titan – every business in the world wants to reduce overheads and save money.

We have been involved in several cost saving initiatives in the businesses we have worked in throughout the years. It’s these cost saving ideas and initiatives that give you a great eye for detail, and an analytical edge.

Cost saving is about numbers and trends. It’s about patterns and predictions. How you interpret those numbers, and graph curves to forecast for future costs or better cost savings.

Aside from employee costs, energy costs are one of the next biggest drains on a financial budget. There’s no point going after pennies, it the pounds you must protect.

With this approach we researched many of the ways to first understand a business electricity bill (there should be a University degree and diploma awarded on this) and then armed with as much information as we could find, how to then research the market and find the cheapest alternatives.

We have several articles and guides on this website to help you as a business owner or facility manager to see where your electricity may be being spent, and ways and initiatives on how to reduce consumption.

Alongside this we have a price comparison facility to allow you within 2 minutes to see the best prices that are available for your business.



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